A room in which people sit around in when they're bored at their house.
Generally, there is a tv, and one or more couches.
by Emma Lie July 19, 2008
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The Living Room is a location just west of Thornhill, ON. A key spot for smoking large amounts of marijuana. When entering The Living Room a complimentary picnic bench is given for a comfortable "sesh".
justin "yo bro where we seshing?"

jorden "im reaching the living room"

justin "kk we'll jack munch from deans house"
by Mogtime November 03, 2011
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The living room of the avetards at The Ave. It has free access due to the avetard door being unlocked 24/7. When you first enter, you will see the dab rig on the avetard coffee table with a bunch of other junk. There is trash all over the place all the time and the avetard bathroom and avetard kitchen are also in sight.
I walked into the avetard living room and the place looked smelled like someone just dropped a bunch of turds all over the place, it looked like an absolute fuckshow in there because an avetard can't handle shit.
by TurnM3Up December 09, 2019
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This is a similar concept to backseat driving; this occurs when an individual shouts out questions or gives unsolicited advice to the cooking or baking process from an adjacent room. Extremely aggravating, hence the reason he or she is in the living room and not in the kitchen.
Mom (seated in a comfortable chair): "Did you remember to set the timer? I smell something burning."

Adult children (in the kitchen preparing a delicious meal for the family): "Quit being a living room chef; we got this."
by sweerkee December 25, 2011
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An open garage in which a carpet has been laid down and a screen door installed. Common during the summertime in Western New York to provide a cool lounging area protected from the weather and insects. These temporary rooms often include couches and televisions to facilitate relaxation.
After a game of kan jam, we relaxed in the Polish living room and drank a few beers.
by DrScientistPhD May 21, 2015
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a guitar god, can play any and every song you can think of, but is for some reason not famous. not quite underrated, just unknown. usually middle age, used to be in a band "back in the day", and grew up listening to and hanging out with famous"living legends". his skills on the guitar are confined to his living room and whoever happens to be over at the time
Man, your dad is a living room legend.
by Roblee February 28, 2013
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From the movie "Mr. Saturday Night" (1992). A person having the courage to perform only in his or her living room to an audience of family and friends, as opposed to performing onstage in front of strangers.
You only have living room balls--no way are you ready for the big time.
by July 22, 2017
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