when a female/male is engaging in oral activities on either the same or opposite sex and will only complete the job half way. This is either followed with intercourse or the aroused personal finishing the job off with self or objects depending on the preference. This can either be a really big let down for the personal if the half head leads to a fight or other disapointing events but on contary it could also lead to the extreme pleasures of an orgasm during penitrations.
ashden was giving jake oral pleasures but after about 5 minutes of giving a head job she descided that half head was best and intercourse should follow and in doing so fucked jake dry.
by em.candy November 4, 2009
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Girl with one half of head dyed in one colour and another part of head in another. Original name refers to a girl from Púchov in Slovakia.
A: Hey dude. Did u see a Half-Head yesterday ?
B: Yeah she is nice. I wanked on her after i came home
by PussySucker October 8, 2010
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Midlands term for pikeys of the second variety. Also carries connotations of incest.
"Look at those half-heads coming out of the Pick and Shovel. What a couple of rum customers!" Wheeze.
by Porkling July 2, 2004
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a derogatory term for a half-hearted blow job.
Bitch only gave me half-head.
by B. Russ October 24, 2007
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fore and a half head is when a chick has thin or no eyebrows at all, this creates the appearance of a fore&1/2head.
daryl: that chick is hot.

lary: she dose look hot. wonder how she keeps the sweat from beading down into her eyes..

daryl: what?

lary: ya, its got to be like 95 degrees out and with this heat and that fore and a half head and no eyebrows to catch the sweat. i wonder how she dose it...

daryl: ......your an idiot.
by kyle pro February 6, 2012
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John f kennedy has half a head

He had lag

Could not build

No weapons

No sheild like ninja

So free
Half a head- what john f kennedy is missing
by Bigdickenergy6969697869 February 22, 2021
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