Dumb bitch that’s loves eating, flat ass, can’t get famous. Never listen to class.

That one person that’s send you lol every time
Omg Hak you are such a Crackhead!!
by dumb.com June 16, 2020
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Dumb bitch that’s still hasn’t understood maths, loves eating. Flat ass and can’t get famous !
That one person that use lol every time
by dumb.com June 16, 2020
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V. The act of calling someone a fag or a faggot
The crowd could be heard hakking at the homosexual performer.
by Ebag October 31, 2018
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a hott junior at my skool who likes to date freshmen. he is the greatest boyfriend!!!
hak is sooooooo cute and funny!!!!
by gabi komis February 6, 2005
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One of the greatest fighters in the world who yells out freaking awesome phrases whenever he attacks. Well known for his awesome DragonBall Z-like red hair and goatee, Hak-Foo makes a formidable opponent to even the most skilled fighters. His only mistake was to join the cast of Jackie Chan Adventures instead of the UFC.
Hak-Foo Battle Cries:
Angry Crow Takes Flight!
Black Tiger Corners Little Lamb!
Buffalo Tramples Field Mouse!
Bunny Flees from Vicious Jackals!
Demon Compensates for Pathetic Ninja Army!
Elephant Stomps Rat!
Emu Stands on Mountaintop!
Fearsome Gorilla Grip!
Heron Pierces Crab Shell!
Hungry Wolf Slaughters Lamb!
Meteor Brings Mass Extinction!
Meteor Pummels Mountain!
Mouse Runs Through Maze!
Mouse Takes Cheese!
Phoenix Flies to Moon!
Praying Mantis Boxing Style!
Raging Elephant Fist!
Rhinoceros Swats Fly!
Shredding Lion Claws!
Slumbering Bear Greets the Morning!
Snake Cuts Grass!
Spider Eats Fly!
Tornado Desecrates Trailer Park!
Volcano Incinerates Forest!
by Peter Caboose -1 December 31, 2008
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A character from Jackie Chan Adventures who uses analogies.
Meteor brings mass extinction!
Hungry wolf slaughters lamb!
Angry crow takes flight!
Fluffy kitty lies down with stuffed animal!

Ratso: Fluffy kitty lies down with stuffed animal?

Hak Foo: They can't all be good!
by Donkey Kong Song October 10, 2003
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Chinese for black person, can be used either said in an insulting manner or friendly joking manner.
Wassup my hak gwai, let's go chill

Wow what a dirty hak gwai!
by Jeffrey C September 6, 2003
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