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Haedyn is a hot sexy girl. She has the best boy. She is very smart tho. She gets good grades. She will run the country one day with her hots and intelligent. Or she will save the country by being the best doctor their is!!
Vote Haedyn for president!
by Babebebebebebe April 24, 2018
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A lively girl who is playful and athletic. She is a loner who only hangs out with people because society forces her. She is a strong girl who supports feminism and does not like guns.
Haedyn should be president
by Mooseyqueen December 30, 2017
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An ugly ass bitch who is so fat that the ground shakes when she walks.
God that girl is such a Haedyn, she is huge!
by ballinofflife June 05, 2016
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a cutie pie with cutie attitude. kinda self centered but humble. she’s a hopeless romantic with huge heart. she could win over any guy with her charm and looks, she’s super short and petite which adds to her cuteness.
β€œshe’s such a cutie”
β€œyeah duh she’s haedyn.”
by lolslolslolslolols July 05, 2019
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