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Hadlie aka Had aka Droops maghee aka T-rex. A very attractive layedback/chill person that is allways fun to be around. There personality is known to make you smile and laugh every time you're around them. They are ussually in a great mood unless you get on there bad side, wich is not good because they have been known to fight a giraffe bare handed and rip it's jaw off. They also have many skills like tetris master shifting pro and overall an awsome gamer that Ennihilates the compitition!!!!   
Hadlie's not working ahhh man tonight is gonna suck 2. Dude stop being so boring be more like Hadlie
by NinjaFoReals February 17, 2010
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When you dip your testicles into a woman's anus and then slap them in the face with your poopy testicles
i hadlied her right after we had anal sex
by 435263543 February 09, 2010
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