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Hadlee is just an amazing girl! She is one that you should really hold on to! Sometimes she is quite moody but the rest of her makes up for it. She is funny and BEAUTIFUL! Most of the boys have a huge crush on her. Sad thing is.. she usually has her eyes set on a certain guy... She falls in love easily. Don't mess with her because she is tough and she has A LOT of friends who would back her up. She gets along with most everyone and is not prep. She is also very into sports. She can play any sport she wants!
Is her name Hadlee, because she seems SO perfect!
by iloveyou1428 May 05, 2011
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Hadlee is a name for the most fineeee af(as freak) girls. They are always watching Netflix and love their bf’s. They are very GORGEOUS and funny. Once you have a hadlee in your life you’ll never want to leave their side. If you ever meet a hadlee you won’t even think twice about being with her.
Guy 1: you see that girl over there? I think her name is hadlee.

Guy 2: ya that girl is mine so back off.

Guy 1: oh dang your luck af(as freak)
by LilQuiny May 26, 2018
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Hadlee is a son of a bitch. She is like 69 inches tall and has seen satin.She likes to Netflix and chill with your boyfriend on the weekends;) She needs to shave her legs cuz THEY ARE HAIRYYY
Wow hadlee is a tall, hairy, man fucking yellow big foot.
by Mother fucker dude January 02, 2019
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She is an amazing best friend. And is always happy. She has a great mood 24/7 and also is single most of the time because she’s super tall. Some people get jealous and decide to hate her. She plays sports and is pretty ok at them. She just needs people to understand her and understand her feelings. She likes to say “stooopppppppp iitttt” a lot. You need a Hadlee because if you don’t have one. Then what’s the point of living. Guys also love her. SHE ALSO LOVES YELLOW
Guy 2: yes she’s spicy

Girl 1: that’s my bestie
Girl 2: back off that’s my best friend.

Hadlee: guys guys don’t fight. Everyone can be my bestie.
by Thetallgirlypop January 02, 2019
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