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1. When you realise that nothing can be done about something. So you just accept things the way they are.

2. When there was a an opportunity for a better outcome than the one you're in but you're still okay with it.

3. To Brush a comment or statement of as irrelevant or rudimentary.
Guy 1:"I have a fucken hard test later. There is no way I'll be ready"
Guy 2: "Wanna hit a bong?"
Guy 1: "I should study but Hadez"

Guy 1: "She didn't want to smash but at least I got a Blowie"
Guy 2: "Hadez Bru"
Guy 1: "True not the worst"

Guy 1:"You're a cunt!"
Guy 2:"Hadez"
by Howaboutfuckyou October 22, 2018
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To hate "z" (meaning cannabis)

Can also mean to hate anything, fitting in syntactically where the word hate would not.

To be in discomfort.

To be in disagreement with.
Put that shit out in my house, I hadez!

It's so cold out, I hadez.

Randy are you hadezing right now?

Landau hadez.
by Zef Lebowitz January 10, 2011
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