Say this to people only if they are being the highest form of an asshole to people.
Cunt is the top of the ladder of annoying. It goes from dickhead to asshole then to cunt.
You can't get any higher than cunt.
by Maxcrackers November 4, 2020
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When someone takes your last piece of candy
Sam: I can't wait to eat my last piece of candy
George: Oh i ate it.
Sam: You're a cunt
by Ghostie Ghost February 16, 2018
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The funniest hypocritical statement of his life

(When he gets offended over a joke even though he actively mocks what i do in my life)
You do woodwork as course then i mock him over his operator status then says you're a cunt
by Bornk87 June 3, 2021
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