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When a biological man expresses sexual attraction to other biological men. Meaning, a man that's only attracted to men that were also born male. The gay equivalent of super straight.
Sam was saying to me of how much I'd like their vagina, but I said, "You know I'm super gay, right?"
by Boyo_212 March 06, 2021
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Super gay is a sexual orientation in which an individual only feels attraction to towards the same gender. The person that is getting attraction must however be born of the same gender,and cannot have transitioned to it.

Similar to Super Straight
Someone : would you date a trans man ?
Guy : No, I'm super gay.
by Supergeyy March 05, 2021
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Adj. Meaning gay, but in a good way, more specifically something homosexual that can be enjoyed by all.
The Scissor Sisters are supergay.
That movie was supergay...I have the DVD on back order.
by Guido Paparazzi March 10, 2005
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really f*cking stupid
"you're super gay"

"he's acting super gay today"
by Britney_NWF September 18, 2004
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