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A cool cat who always wears a black hat.
"I love Haddad because he's a cool cat who always wears a black hat"

"I love Haddad more than cool cats AND black hats"
by caitttttttmulberry August 08, 2008
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(n.) One who lingers around college residence halls with the sole intention of learning residents' names so that he may facebook friend them because he has few friends in real life; a foul penis stench

(v.) To facebook friend someone within minutes after meeting them for the first time at a college residence hall
Neff really pulled a Haddad when he friended that lesbian he met at the study lounge and asked if she knew of anything going on later.
by ScottHouseRep. November 13, 2009
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The one person you know is 100% a gay faggot, but always denies it. This type of person gets a girlfriend, just so he can deny the fact that he is a gay fag. You know in your heart that one day it will come out that you have been right all along calling, this person out, as gay. Also looks a bit like a jew.
Wow that haddad guy is 100% a faggot, always going after that black man danu's dick and then trying to deny his gayness. He also looks like a jew....which you can never trust.
by TheHungryLemur September 10, 2018
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