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GUCCI DON Hadars are usually very wealthy or know how to manage their money. Most Hadar’s are Jewish and have Israeli heritage. Hadar’s like to vape and juul and listen to modern rap/trap music. Hadar’s are very nice to women, and know how to treat a lady, usually with charming skills and/or buying them things. Hadar’s always throw getty’s or parties. Esketittttt
Jim: Yo, bro, that kid from school is throwing a massive party and he’s bringing hella girls!
David: Who’s the host?
Jim: It’s Hadar bro.
David: Oh, figures.
by northwood$ege December 18, 2017
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A Radar for Haters. Used after someone hates on another person.
"Man kobe is garbage at the free throw line". "Uh oh, My hadar is going off!"
by Jay22Max August 23, 2008
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