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Accusing a fellow player of hacking (aimbots, wallhacks, autofire, stat changers ,etc) on an game. Mostly used on online games. Kids who have no idea thay are noobs (kids who think cursing attracts women) use this behavior on Pros/non-noobs to make themselves feel better but it actually only makes them look stupid infront of other people.
Hackuser kid : " Dood u fucking killed me in one shot from very far away! HACKER! Yoo have aimbot im reporting you."

Pro Gamer : "yes i have an aimbot its called my right hand. I work with it, touch my Gf with it and jerk off with it. Its called a head shot you noob. learn2play and stop hackusing me jackass."
by RazorAlpha July 02, 2009
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