Excessively long, rambling text messages
"Sorry I word bombed you the other day."
by Plasmaguy January 28, 2015
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When someone writes a ridiculous response long to something that could be answered or commented with a few words.
B: "A did not clean the dust off the desk!"

A: "I had not the time to do it yet"
B: *long answer why it is ethically not acceptable and whatsoever happened or could happen because of it*
A or C: "dropping a word bomb again hum?"
by yatqua July 2, 2017
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When someone drops a word on you and you feel like a bomb went off in your head.
That man dropped a word bomb on me and now I hate him.

1st person- You're a maggot.
2nd person- AARRGGHHH! I'm Gonna mess you up!
by Guardian angel December 7, 2013
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Word is Bomb: A phrase used to stress the significance of what is about to be said or what has just been said. The word bomb suggest that this person's 'word' or whatever this person says is as serious, important and shocking as a bomb would be.
"Heyo WORD IS BOMB I just recorded the dopest track on earth kid you gotta hear it."
by Haze0Matic February 10, 2010
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The coolest catch phrase ever invented, meaning word, worbs, strops. It originated in the streets of dorchester mass. Use Word is so bomb for emphasis, use on that to mean word is bomb on a certain object.
Guy we kicked his ass Biff!

Word is Bomb on that.
by Biff Leary March 19, 2007
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