The unicorn of human beings, they are unequivocally the best thing to exist.
Person 1:Wow Omg she is amazing, I wish I was as cool as her

Person 2: well that's just classic Habiba
by KFCbae April 8, 2017
The meaning of Habiba is beloved, sweetheart or loved one, and it's incredibly accurate. A Habiba is a stunning human being, with a brilliant sense of humour and a personality that reminds you why it is a pleasure to be alive.

Habiba can make you laugh when you've had the worst day. You can talk to her as though you've known her your whole life, and trust her with anything. Habiba's are beautiful creatures, and if you know one then hold on! You feel that the world is a brighter place simply by talking to her. She is the kindest, most genuine individual, who you can be yourself - no matter how ridiculous that is - with, and an absolute honour to have in your life :)
Habiba is the kind of incredible friend that I would happily share Tom Hiddleston with. Cheekbones and all. I love her so, so much <3
by It'sinthedictionary.Itislaw. October 13, 2013
A Muslim girls name widely used in Somalia and North Africa. It means 'sweetheart or beloved'.

God was expressing himself when he created the beautiful Habiba. She has the typical African afro hair, big puffy lips, dark eyes and dark skin. Her physique captures the most humble gaze. Her friendship brings greatness into your ordinary life. Her inner beauty us expressed through her kind words, actions, breath and thoughts. A calm and peaceful girl who can find beauty in almost everything. She's very spiritual and most of her friends are socialists. Very classy but at times looks grungy. She's very popular but rarely gets close and nitty with anyone. Life has taught her to be cautious of people especially women who are close to her. Although her best friends adore her but she sometimes sees bitterness in their eyes and actions because they get intimated by her natural beauty, carefree spirit and her toned figure. Habiba is positive and confident in her abilities. She's probably one of the worlds most self conscious people and sometimes struggles with accepting her appearance, but then there are times where she's happy with herself. A business minded girl who has gathered knowledge from the most unexpected people and they taught her that unconditional loyalty earns real friendship and the realists earn enemies. Habiba is amazing, wise and a kind girl.
by kjsbxnxjjjshwudwdjskn December 31, 2018
Habiba is a girl who is tall has light skin and curly hair, her personality is top tier and her physique is excellent, habiba loves martial arts and attracts the boys wherever she goes
Look guys it’s Habiba lemme try and look cool
by Thatboiyoussef August 5, 2021
Habiba is a pretty, sporty girl who's not afraid to share her opinions. She's always included in the popular girls, because of her chill, nonchalant style of moving. Habiba always gives the best advice and is a great friend who will never tell someone's secrets. Habiba can be controlling sometimes though. She always has the best pick of friends.

You can trust a Habiba.
Hmm... I can't hold this back anymore... I'm bursting with impatience. Who can I tell?

Oh yeah! Habiba!
by Hot_But_Heavy December 13, 2021
The most beautiful girl in the world. She’s the sweetest and funniest person to be around and is an amazing friend!
I love habiba!

Wow habiba is so cool
by 1437 :) November 24, 2021