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An acronym standing for hydra trash party, commonly used as a tag for fanfiction exhibiting dub-con, non-con, and the darker side of fanfictions.
Them term was origanlly brought to life on tumblr, a multi-blogging platform commonly used for fandom works.
Last night i read a htp fic recced by my tumblr father .

Did you read the htp fic where rumlow removed bucky's arm and legs?

I wish i had never read that htp fic.
by Thegrace January 01, 2017
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a ancronym that stands for "hack the planet" based on the '94 movie "Hackers" with Jo-lee
yo, peace, and HTP!!!
by Andy the Longshot November 20, 2003
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Hitting The Pussy
reference to a man asking another or suggesting that they have sex with a women
Joe-Man i dont know what to do about that girl
Jarryd- screw it man just H.T.P that shit and get the hell out of their
by TTCCP September 09, 2007
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Here To Play
The party starts at noon on Sunday. Please bring the booze of your choice and an HTP attitude.
by kuhnap August 30, 2010
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Hell to pay. It means there will be trouble of some sorts.
Mom: There will be htp if you don't mow the grass today Seth.
Seth: Yes ma'am, last time there was htp I really missed my phone, computer and friends. I'll
get that done right now mom cause that was a horrible 2 weeks.

Mom: Thank you.
by Chiron o'Harlow March 10, 2016
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