an amazing friend. someone who can always find a way to make you smile, even though you're feeling down. he's easy to get along with, and doesn't judge people based on how they look. he can be shy though, pretty quiet. says really random things, and gets hungry quite easily. he is just really awesome, funny, cute, amazing, nice, and sweet. <33
he's definately a mammad <3
A very attractive person whom is rare to find. He is a loyal person and acts like a bitch sometimes, but always is kind at the end. If ever seen a manmad, be his friend because he's a keeper.
He is definately a Mammad <3 i can fall in love with him
by Jeffeigi August 16, 2018
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Mammad is an electrical boy. He has got this nickname with a joke .He is tolombing on all courses in university."
WARNING: Step away from him ,otherwise he'll give you his famous catchphrase that goes like this: "Az koon mikonamet".
He also has a friend called farahmand...he is RANK#1...
Mammad tolombe is tolombing in the middle of classes every day.
by enigmahamid November 25, 2019
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