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Hung the Fuck Over. For use when a regular hangover description just doesn't suffice. Usually happens after one PTFO's.
WHY did you make me take all those shots last night? I'm seriously HTFO.
by Hollista October 21, 2009
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(Deriving from "hop off (my dick)" )

HTFO means hop the fuck off

Used when someone is annoying the living shit out of you and a simple hop off won't cut it
-Bro you suck at this game I'm doing so much better, you suck ass
-HTFO bro

-haha heard you got rejected. again.
-HTFO ass wipe
by Bobsmith2 June 07, 2011
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Commonly known as "hung the fuck over", it can also stand for "hop the fuck off", which is generally another way of saying "GTFO"
Girl A: Oh God, I hate those girls who have raccoon eyes ~
Girl B: I know what you mean, they really need to HTFO and get some make-up remover.
by SDris May 31, 2010
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HTFO is a cleaned up version of harden the fuck up referenced from an Australian man on Youtube. Perfect to use in a environment where elders or people who are easily offended.
Hey this hear is Jack, he drives a real fancy sports car but he doesn't know how to change the oil. Hey Jack why don't you htfo.
by Fricken Jose August 09, 2007
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Reaction to an outrageous suggestion:
“ it’s raining, let’s get paper umbrellas “ “HTFO”
by Redheadangel17 May 26, 2018
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