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A Chiraag but with extreme anger or rage over the most trivial of issues.
Person A: "Hey man, you hear the bus had been delayed 2 mins?"
Person A: "Man you got some serious chiraage dude"
by SharpShotRS May 17, 2010
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The effect caused due to admiration of the Chin on the HTC Hero / G2 Touch such that one no longer likes any other phone which does not have a chin!

Also the Geekier form of the Lynx Effect.
Geek 1: Dude, what phone you gonna get on your upgrade?
Geek 2: No idea man, I am confused cos of the HTC Hero Effect.
by SharpShotRS April 19, 2010
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Ruchir means being extraordinary and having a very good charm to impress people, especially the ladies.
He just pulled a Ruchir on her!
by SharpShotRS January 18, 2010
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