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Acronym for 'Horn Rimmed Glasses.'
Used in graphic novels/fan fiction and on websites to describe Noah Bennet, a character on NBC's show Heroes.
Used mainly before his name was disclosed on the finale of Season 1.
HRG is the adopted father of The Cheerleader and a former member of the Company.
by catoasapun September 26, 2007
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(High Retarded Genius) the specific state of mind when you smoke not to much weed but not to little and you are as intelligent as you ever will be. you come up with litteraly the best ideas ever. you also are able to do things that you cant do on a regular basis when your not HRG. super powers.
HRG kid: dude i rode my bike all the way to burgerking and back without stopping..

kid: yeah rite thats like all up hill for 15 minutes!

HRG kid: i was HRG.

kid: ohh, that makes sense.

personally when im HRG, i really think i can build a one man airplane out of the stuff in my garage in like 2 hours tops.
by mike445 October 24, 2011
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A Select Group of "G's" that throw down gangsta partys, and get the sexy shawdys. Are usually recognizable by the cigar burn on their right inner arm.

Acronym for Highly Respected Gangsta.
Damn that kids an HRG. or Man those HRG's threw it down this weekend.
by Stevie up in the pipes November 15, 2006
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