HPF, also known as the Hiko Police Force. A police force who uses the ex-professional gamer, now police officer, as their symbol. Hiko (Spencer Martin) symbolizes freedom, intelligence, precision, and unity. HPF is an agency that only the elite can join, it takes more than just skill and intelligence.
Guy named Ben: Hey do you think I would be able to join the HPF
HPF Agent: of course not, you clearly are not skilled in anything. I have heard you are not good at video games, any physical activities, or any educational subjects.
by HPFany1 March 27, 2021
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An acronym for Huffy Puffy Face. The reaction of someone that makes you feel uncomfortabley guilty in order to get you to feel bad for him/her. An action that is usually done by an inconsiderate and selfish person in order to take advange of a friend.
Pamela didn’t know how to say “no” to Pepper because Pepper always makes a HPF that makes Pamela feel bad if she don’t help her with the favors Pepper consistently asked for.
by Fuflatmate April 22, 2018
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acronym: A highly payed freak
Michael M. Domach is an HPF!!! (This man is at a prestigious university: CMU, he is highly paid, but treats his students like lab rats and makes them memorize infinite amounts of work. They must treat their lives at college like a maze, and must find the cheese at the end of the lectures: HE IS A FREAK!!!...the ultimate characteristic of this freak is that he wrote "Introduction to Biomedical Engineering" beware of this FREAK!!! )
by stepehen October 09, 2005
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Guy 1: "Yo man you should totally dump that girl"
Guy 2: "Why man she's really hot"
Guy 1: "Yea but she has HPF"
Guy 2 "?"
Guy 1: "High potential to be Fat"
Guy 2: "ok thanks"
by DHenny September 08, 2010
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when you sit down on the toilet expecting a massive deuce and instead have a massive, loud, airy fart, which feels like it has enough power to part the waters below
I couldn't hold in my laughter this afternoon when I was sitting on the toilet and heard a massive hollow poop fart (HPF) come from the stall next to me.
by RichardTheInvestigator February 21, 2018
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