Dudes with dope cars and dress stylish too. Also have there own pose.
Look at that HOTBOI posing on the hood of his car
by Cvx38 November 27, 2017
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1.noun.a person who likes to do alot of crimes or a person who attracts a lot of attention to the cops.
2.verb. defining a crime that you can get in trouble w/ the cops very easily
1. "dont chill w/ that guy, he's a real hotboy and you'll end up n the county blues."
2.guy1-"hey, lets go rob some nigga."
guy2-"fuck that nigga, thats some hotboy shit."
by max ward September 8, 2007
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One who drives a drift inspired car who also is considered a sadboi, they have sad quotes decaled all around their car and most likely running 3 piece wheels with offsets between 10-25 with negative camber. They most likely be blasting $uicideboy$ or night lovell.
by Ybsrs September 20, 2020
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a nigga thats stay wit stolen shit or be in some shit all tha time
You seen T-weezy in tha 2007 truck you know he a hotboy
by Tracy aka Duval county April 4, 2006
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A term used to describe some who attracts unnecessary attention to themselves and or others around them
He is a hotboy, i dont even like to hang around him.
by they call me chan April 24, 2018
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A hotboy is one who increases the heat of the block.

Increasing the heat of the block is synonymous with increasing police presence and suspicion by means of sketchy, or "hot", activities.

By being a hotboy, the hotboy endangers the entire community by attracting unwanted attention due to his immense heat.
Woooow! Way to walk around with a blunt hanging out of your pocket, hotboy!

Yeah, Jerome got arrested yesterday. Hotboy!
by ProfessorSwagSauce October 23, 2011
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one who keeps heat attracted to him/her persistently; someone always in trouble
Hey you guys did you see Hotboy Matt in the principals office?
by Frankyyyppppp March 6, 2016
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