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A cool, catch-all ambiguous way to say you're going to do something.

To do what needs to be done to achieve baller status.
Time to make that move, then dip.

We goin' out to tha party later. You tryna' make that move?

I woulda' holla'd at you earlier, but I been makin' moves
by ProfessorSwagSauce May 23, 2012
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A hotboy is one who increases the heat of the block.

Increasing the heat of the block is synonymous with increasing police presence and suspicion by means of sketchy, or "hot", activities.

By being a hotboy, the hotboy endangers the entire community by attracting unwanted attention due to his immense heat.
Woooow! Way to walk around with a blunt hanging out of your pocket, hotboy!

Yeah, Jerome got arrested yesterday. Hotboy!
by ProfessorSwagSauce October 23, 2011
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(v): "to fuckboy", defined as:

messing up beyond possibility of redemption. Commonly applied to J's
1) Sir, you have seriously fuckedboyed that J so badly that we will need to roll a new one. You fucking fuckboy.

2) Dude that test was easy but I fuckboyed the last page.
by ProfessorSwagSauce November 11, 2011
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An exclamation of playful hatred. Very general. Can be used in a wide range of situations.
1. *knocked out in smash*

2. Fricking suckballs!

3. oh my god, this lecture has a serious case of suckballs
by ProfessorSwagSauce October 23, 2011
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1. As I credit the previous reviewer for noting, the term "smaked" is home to the DC region, in particular Virginia.

I believe that the word originated out of a typo (or bad spelling) in the internet. Once people read the word "smaked", they realized how much sense it makes. Not only does it ring off the lips properly, but it adds a whole new dimension to the list of phrases marijuana users have at their disposable in order to describe their mental state.

Normally it's common for users to become smacked or high. But when one achieves a level such that he is both smacked and baked, he can truly proclaim that he is smaked.

If typed, generally accompanied by horrible spelling and grammar.

2) Intoxicated, acting stupid, actin unswagglery
1) I am in a state of utter smakedness.

Dis dude smaked.

cali got me smaked


Did you just break my bong? you smaked piece of shit!

sory for bein a hotboy im smaked
by ProfessorSwagSauce October 23, 2011
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In addition to the above poster's definition:

2) no fucking way, not gonna' happen, yeah right
Person 1: ay mo you gonna do that paper?
Person 2: (pause) *laughs* like shit!
by ProfessorSwagSauce October 23, 2011
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When one chills in a deliberate fashion
Hey bro, come over before the party and we'll chill hard
by ProfessorSwagSauce November 01, 2011
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