4 definitions by shurts

gay men, but mostly women who complain about there air conditioners are to cold and heaters are to hot. or when there maid dont clean there "dorms", or when their ovens dont get hot enough to cook their veil everynight. A.K.A douche bags. (militarys version of Paris Hilton)
when a child asked his/her parents for a action figure the parent responds with "you will get it when you become an airmen"

or "stop acting like an airmen douche
by shurts May 6, 2008
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An obnoxiously loud angry drunk. Often passes out and wakes up pantsless not knowing where or why he is where he is.
Dude you've had enough, you're starting to get behrends
by shurts May 7, 2008
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Biggest piece of shit vehicle in all of the military banches. Tops out at 45 mph. Starts only 25% of the time and bogs out the rest of the time.
"Why the fuck won't this damn hmmwv start!?!?!?! Piece of fucking shit!!"
by shurts May 7, 2008
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An abreviation for Lance Corporal. A rank in the Marine Corps. Usually careless and does what one wants at a whim
LCPL does not care.......
by shurts May 7, 2008
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