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an active duty army post in southwest Oklahoma. It is called "the home of the field artillery".

people stationed there are "stuck" and it is very difficult for them to go to other duty stations without re-enlisting.

The only thing to do in the nearby town of Lawton is to drink your life away or waste money on strippers.
Me: I've been stationed at Fort Sill.

friend: that place sucks, at least you can drive down to texas on the weekends.
by pootcacti March 08, 2009
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stands for high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle.

very good at off-roading. it's top speed is 55 mph although some hmmwv's can reach speeds of up to 75mph.

The engine sounds like a vacuum cleaner.

it likes to break down at inappropriate times or while just parked.

they like to catch on fire a lot, even without being damaged by an enemy.

plug in accessories (impact wrenches) are also prone to catching on fire.
"we're taking a hmmwv out on our mission today so we better bring some mechanics with us"
by pootcacti March 08, 2009
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