Hole in Heart Syndrome
When you feel a gaping hole in your heart after a show or book ends in a cliffhanger and you know the next episode or book won't be out in a LONG time. Or you can't watch the next episode because it is unavailable. No matter how much you want to know what happens next, you can't. You feel sad and empty until you move now to the next thing.
Guy 1: what's wrong with your sister?
Guy 2: Her favorite show just ended in a cliffhanger and now she has HIHS. Don't worry she'll move on soon.

Girl 1: Did you see the last episode of Vampire Diaries?
Girl 2: shhhhh she still has HIHS about the show
Girl 1: ohh, sorry
by XLMwashere June 22, 2011
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a quaint reaction to when something quite astonishing happens or someone says somethign out of the ordinary.
Andrew: 'go on....'

Richard: 'no'

Andrew 'hih'
by Mr_Everything October 22, 2009
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HIH stands for His Imperial Highness
HIH Kaiser Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany and King of Prussia (1859 1888/1918 1941)
by Heinrich Adler June 21, 2006
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..... hypocrites in hiding, we all know them, They are the ones who urinate on your leg and tell you it is a busted water pipe in your abode and you believe it because you live in deplorable conditions. Be careful of the beguiling tongue of the HIH.

That priesthood is HIH.
by MsDeeVeeAns March 18, 2008
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Hand-in-Hair disease. Often used in forums talking about black hair. It is an acronym that refers to the tendency to pull at, play with or otherwise manipulate the hair with your hands resulting in hair breakage.
I'm experiencing alot of breakage at the crown of my hair...it must be because I have a serious case of hih....I can't stop messing with my hair!
by Haircarejunkie December 19, 2009
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HiH is short for Hogwarts is Here, a new website which is attracting thousands of Harry Potter Fans. You are able to enroll online and take courses in all your favourite subjects, open a gringotts account, join a Dormitory. It isn't approved by J.K. Rowling or any affliates and is a fan created site, but it certainly is considered to be a contender with Pottermore.
I'm so addicted to HiH
Have you finished your assignment for HiH?
by PineappleBea April 18, 2014
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GET HiH is a movement and phrase referring to the collective commitment of the building and maintenance of a global community religiously devoted to enlightenment through everything you ever had, have now, or wish you had.
Dan: Man I went to the sickest club last night, everyone was GETtin HiH!
Phil: Everyone was high?!
Dan: No bro, everyone was HiH, it's way different. Although some people were probably also high...
Phil: Well who isn't these days. Wanna GET HiH tonight?
Dan: Let's do it.
by GETHiH August 5, 2010
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