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Over achiever. One who prevails. Conquers steep challenges. Elevates any standard. Instinctively motivated. Talent that delivers. A born leader.
Mining related (where the term actually originated):

Ryan is such a Highballer...he ran 2 drills and managed to get over 500 feet in one shift in bad ground without losing any rods!
by HIGHBALLER FAN February 02, 2011
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Some one who works harder than a motherfucker. The opposite is a lowballer, someone who drags there balls around not doing a god damn thing.
Damn I'm tired, I was highballing all day.
by nicholi Kornachefsky April 05, 2005
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The opposite of a lowballer; someone who pays the maximum possible price for something.
Did you see what that soccer mom paid for her son's PS3?

Yea, she didn't do her research; she's a highballer.
by Beefy Hits January 05, 2011
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1. A treeplanter who consistently plants a lot more trees than anyone else.

2. A misguided young person who has been conned into generating a tremendous amount of wealth for a treeplanting company. In exchange this person receives pitiful percentage of the wealth being generated, all the sex they can handle, and life-long soft tissue damage to the back, knees, shoulder, elbow & wrist.
1. Ed: "Holy shit, did you hear how many trees Sam put in today?" Sally: "Yeah that guy is a total highballer."

2. Tina: "Holy shit, my knee hurts everytime I run & the doctor told me I've got the back of a retired coal miner." Tony: "Ya, you were the fastest planter ever though."
by Butterland July 10, 2008
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One who achieves a desired result with remarkable speed and quality.

The best at what one does.
"Man, Jeff kicked my ass at Call of Duty."

"Yeah, he's a high baller."
by Grobb Johnson July 10, 2008
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1. (adjective) - highballer:
someone who sets their standards very high for what they or others can accomplish.

2. (verb) - highballing:
the act of setting high expectations or thinking beyond the bounds of a situation.
"Veronica is such a highballer so she really thought he should step up and do the right thing"

"I was really highballing the situation by thinking he'd know what was up"
by hagallazz February 19, 2009
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An adolescent male who speaks with the higher voice tone of a pre-pubescent, due to a naturally slower rate of growth toward maturity. The highballer is so-called in reference to his testicles failing to have descended at the present time in his physical development.
Q: That guy speaks like he's ten years old.
A: I know; he's a real highballer.
by JayJays February 21, 2005
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