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20-something hippies who go out to the boonies to make the Earth a better place.

Copious amounts of drugs are smoked, inhaled and ingested, yet never injected.

They get up when it's -5, put on their dirtiest clothes, overeat and travel by bus for 45 minutes listening to crazy loud techno and other indie music. Then once they get to their "block" they bag up hundreds of trees and walk around an ugly, undeveloped, uncleared plot of land with a shovel. These people turn off their brains and throw trees into the ground at starting rates of 7 cents per tree.

Some people make money, most don't. Some people enjoy becoming one with nature, and the others get left behind.

Sitting around complaining about the terrain, the weather, the quality of tree, the price, the food, the accommodation, is a common occurrence.

These are true hippies. They are independant, easy-going, agreeable, drug-fueled intellectuals.
Billy is veteran treeplanter and he loves abusing his body 2 months out of every year so he can hitch hike the rest of the year.

Billy bags up, smokes a bowl and comes back 30 minutes later knowing he made 200 bucks.

Billy comes back to camp, smokes a bowl and eats dinner.

Billy sits around a campfire trading drug stories and drinking before sleeping in his tent.
by stephie-poos March 24, 2010
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"teenagers with perfect skin and no apparent sense of gratitude for what society has given them" (Coupland)
Tree planters are always the bitchiest girls in school.
by DKB April 23, 2006
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A typically Canadian derogatory term, commonly used by locals to describe the city kids that take on seasonal work planting trees for three months of the summer, who often look like they have been on the poverty line for a decade, despite having typically only been away from civilization for no more than five days, and act exactly like the preadolescents they are, especially after a six-pack of beer.
Fucking tree planter.

What are you? A fucking tree planter?

Did you see tree planters are in town?
by spicollii September 03, 2013
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