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When a blonde person loves another blonde person that he/she names that person HHTS or HHTB, meaning Honey-Hair Twin Sister, or Honey-Hair Twin brother.

This only occurs in very very close, love-like friendships.
-You guys are together, or what?
-No, no! She's my HHTS!

-Get a room guys!
-What?! Fuck you man, we're only HHTBs!
by matae March 23, 2011
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if u crank it out to porn,tv,movies ect you are having H.H.T (happy hand time) also if you have hht while eating pop tarts you also may be considered to be a "poor man stan"
by poorhiddenstashistan June 14, 2011
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The combination of feeling revolving around

Dude, I have major HHT right now, give me your phone... ;)
by MothaHussaJones July 27, 2012
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