HB is a sexual act that defies description. It is so heinous that one is completely embarrassed by the mere mention of the act. Some have inferred that the "H" refers to hands, but the jury is still out on this. It is often done by members of the same sex or, in extreme cases, solo.
In order to further his career Marty A. allowed Dick C. to give him an "HB". He was sore for a week and never walked the same afterwards.
by little brown dude May 20, 2011
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This can stand for a number of things, but especially means "horny biatch"
Jay: Emma's always on about sexy lads isn't she?
Jane: Yeah, she's a right HB.
by Crimson_Ninjaaa November 26, 2005
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HB is the slang word for Honeybrook one of the most dangerous ghettos in the world
The HB is poppin today,Today in the HB there was another shooting
by Shane vogt April 22, 2006
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head bussa: A gang Thats from the 70's in East Oakland, Cali.
Fuck wit us you gon' get yo head bust
by Young C February 9, 2004
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Fuck, my girl was hella HB last night! I would die with a smile on my face.
by scottYboy58 April 14, 2005
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HB is short for homobre which comes from the words homo and hombre (spanish for man)

1.What you call man when he steps over the boundary from 'bromance' to 'romance'

2.a new word for the modern day usage of 'gay' (meaning stupid)
1) Man#1: hey you wanna go to red lobster with me?

Man#2:No way HB.

2)dude#1:i cant go to the party tonite bro, i'm grounded
dude#2 ugh! your parents are so HB!!
by aladdinandgenieHB July 20, 2009
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