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HB also stands for Hurry Back. This is commonly used to Hurry someone Back when leaving a chat room for a while
by kneekoo May 3, 2003
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Common abbreviation or initials used on facebook, twitter, forums, and other social media wedsites, to communicate the phrase "Happy Birthday".
FB feed: "Today is Tina's birthday"
Tina's FB Wall: "HB Tina!"
by foosballpele May 16, 2012
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Short-hand for 'half-ball' meaning half of an 8-ball a measurement (usually) of drugs equal to one-eigth-of-an-ounce (approx; 3.5g), effectively making a HB equivalent to 1.75g in mass.
'Chasing a HB of shards for a mate, can u assist?'
by luccirosso August 9, 2018
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I went for a massage and got a HB (Happy Beginning) instead of a HE (Happy Ending).
by baseballnut July 10, 2013
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How ‘bout; How about
A-Yo, wanna hang out
B-Sure, hb next weekend
by Yo, October 21, 2018
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An abbreviation used for the words "Hunger Bitch." This is the mood (typically expressed by a woman) when she is hungry. Her symptoms may include arguing, unpleasant attitude, complaining and heavy sarcasm.
Suzy is having major HB. You better feed her now.
by fullysarcastic247 December 10, 2010
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