Fuck, my girl was hella HB last night! I would die with a smile on my face.
by scottYboy58 April 14, 2005
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HB is short for homobre which comes from the words homo and hombre (spanish for man)

1.What you call man when he steps over the boundary from 'bromance' to 'romance'

2.a new word for the modern day usage of 'gay' (meaning stupid)
1) Man#1: hey you wanna go to red lobster with me?

Man#2:No way HB.

2)dude#1:i cant go to the party tonite bro, i'm grounded
dude#2 ugh! your parents are so HB!!
by aladdinandgenieHB July 20, 2009
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Head Busta. G who is not to be fucked with. Tends to get into fights often. Takes no shit.
That an HB G rollin up there, betta be bailin bruh.
by D-stroya November 16, 2005
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Head Bitch, the woman in charge of her own world. No one is telling her to play by the rules, instead, she makes her own rules and tells everyone else to follow.
She is the HB you better listen to what she tells you.
by HBIC0410 February 23, 2009
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A horny bastard or horny bitch. This depends on the gender of the person that is being called an hb.
1. Ryan says, "I have to watch a movie after school"
Amanda says, "Ok can I come so we can makeout during the movie like we always do."
Ryan says, "Amanda your such an HB......but I kinda like it."

2. George, "look at that phatty booty i wanna go tap that."
Ryan, "George your such an hb cuz you haven't got any in like 6 months bro."
by Ryan McCorkle March 25, 2007
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a school where special ed students are unattended, and as a result get their hands caught in paper shredders.
HB is only for "gifted" students
by fiona April 23, 2005
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