A play on the name of the organization “NATO” (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). This term is often used to mock Russians who are obviously impersonating Americans on the internet, as H and N look the same in both Cyrillic and Latin alphabets, which shows they aren’t familiar with the Latin alphabet
“Why does HATO keep supplying Ukraine? I don’t support them anymore”
by B r u h B r h U October 2, 2022
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A person who works out in public just to be seen, Hato's are easy to spot at the gym as they tend to stare at them selves in the mirror or can be found flexing their muscles in public staring at them in a dreamy state seemingly unaware of how this might look ridiculous to the general public around them.
check out that hato over there checking out his muscles in the reflection of that shop window!
by Crumb82 October 31, 2007
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Hatoful boyfriend is a dating simulator that lets you go out with pigeons.

Even tho it looks happy and goofy at first, it's actually well known for having dark stories hidden within it.
This game can be played on the PC or PS Vita.
Hey did you play Hatoful Boyfriend? Tohri is best birb.
by Ryooo_Chin May 25, 2016
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have any type of sex
Shit dude I'm trynns get some hatos right quick
by prince Lang September 12, 2008
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