Second generation (and maybe last) of hand-held consoles by Sony.

It was a massive step up from its predecessor, the PSP, featuring PS3-like graphics, dual analog controls, OLED screen and digital storage. Some of these features are rumored to be in the upcoming 3ds follow-up, the Nintendo NX, because Nintendo is notorious for being one generation behind the competition in terms of graphics and storage space.

However it was largely ignored by third parties and Sony due to the more popular albeit less powerful and technically inferior Nintendo 3DS.

Physical games for this system are getting harder to find as it is now supported by only a niche division of gamers.
"Are they even making PS Vita games anymore?"

"Nah, its such a shame. It had so much potential."
by deadbunny97 September 7, 2016
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The coolest handheld gaming machine since the original GameBoy but made by Sony.
Boy: I wish I was cool....

Sony:Here, have a PS Vita.

Boy: WIN!!!!
by Weinersnitzelz January 4, 2012
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