A cute smart guy who wears glasses and basketball lover he always makes his shoots! Cap 🧒 makes him more handsome

If u like a Haris make sure to know him more because they won’t let u in till they know u completely! Then he will start to having fun with you lol ! If u already have a haris in your life u r such a lucky girl congratulations!!!
Look #haris is playing basketball!!

Wow look at his cap he is so handsome
by Iloveharis July 03, 2018
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Adjective meaning "so-so" or "middling."
Based on the Johari Window, a personality-measuring technique created by Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham, and the Nohari window, a negative spin popularized in an online quiz created by Kevan Davis circa 2006. "Hari" is the mid-point between johari and nohari.

Synonym: meh
While Neopolitan ice cream is delicious, vanilla is just hari.
by aerinha March 18, 2006
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The epitome of shit
"I have to take a Hari"
"You are a piece of Hari"
"Eat Hari, bitch"
by The Local Sanwich Maker April 12, 2016
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Late for everything and overrated and dumb.
Haris is so dumb.
via giphy
by Not tofu April 16, 2019
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In this definition I only describe hari as Japanese synonymous word for acupuncture. Hari means fine needle. Please see details in acupuncture.
by ramunenakayama@hotmail.com January 06, 2008
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