the cutest but gayest boy in the class. he will call call you papi every once and a while and will touch your thigh occasionally. haris is mostly Bosnian and has Hispanic friends but mostly African friends. haris usually likes soccer. haris always gets caught doing something funny. but still haris is very gay.
oh that guy, hes just a haris
by trash_can.man_ September 11, 2019
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1. Short for Harimad-Sol, which stands for Hari is Mad-Sol. Sol is spanish for sun...don't ask me why it's used.

2. Angel. Don't you deny it!
Hari flew around on her angelic wings, not in a hurry to go anywhere.
by Ella March 01, 2004
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friends with dirty scouse and many moist tools inc matt, mike and kyl(i)e. also a very sexy lady living in a sexy apartment
What is wrong with hari?

Hari is a tool

Hari has no clothes

Hari is not as dirty as rachel
by Richard Head the Eighteenth September 25, 2006
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He's just your funny dude, though a bit smaller than average in height... Always tries to hook up with the ladies but he can't help it.
Whoah, that guy is acting so much like a Haris.
by some_k1d August 01, 2017
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A Haris is a term used in Toronto which defines someone who embodies all the characteristics which an intellectual carries, but is simultaneously a twerp but cute.
Toronto man # 1: Yo that niggas a Haris fam let's stain him
Toronto man # 2: Facts bro he's a twerp thats an easy stain
Toronto man # 2: Chill bruv hes a Haris tho lets just stain his homework

Toronto man #1-2: Ahlie fam thats tru lets run his assignments and homework rn this niggas a Haris
via giphy
by ZooqHacksFranklinEpisodes February 17, 2019
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1) A Ravenclaw
2) A girl
3) Not nearly as great as all her friends think she is
by Hari March 04, 2004
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A fucking bitch. He will actually act like a dick and usually has no friends. Straight D Student
That guy is beating up that kid for no reason. Well that's a Haris for you.
by Iz leet January 28, 2017
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