This is a phrase that the Ying Yang Twins widely use. They usually yell it, so it's more like, "HHHHAAAAAHHHHNNN!!!!" It is amazing.
King: The Ying Yang Twins are so crunk.
Everyone else in the car: HHHHHAAAAAAAHHHNNN!!
by The Pirate January 21, 2005
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Verb. The act of performing a radio transmission while surrounded by other portable radios on the same frequency.
The lieutenant was really hahning it today while in command.
by Willdunn September 16, 2017
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My last name.

Which means "rooster" or "cock" in german.
"The name's Hahn...James Hahn..."
"Look at the size of that Hahn!"
by Hahn October 21, 2004
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the act of removing someones heart through their ass hole.
I will Hahn you if you don't shut up!
by Anonymous September 3, 2003
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A laugh created by Sean Thoman and coined by Craig Ryan, is a laugh which is unexpected, ceased early, and performed by using two overlapping partials of the voice. It is sometimes performed when at a loss of words due to an unexpected greeting or question.
Person: "Hey Sean. How was your summer?"
Seany: "Hahn."
by Craig Ryan August 31, 2004
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Hahn is the last name of the DJ from the Alternative Rock/Hip Hop band Linkin Park (Often tagged Mr Hahn or Chairman Hahn).
Most famous for his songs "Cure for the itch - Hybrid Theory" and "Sessions - Meteora"
"I'd like to introduce... Mr Hahn"
by Monsieur Valentine November 20, 2005
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HAHN! is a word made for the soul purpose of being able to yell in public without becoming a social outcast.

1. also can be used to describe a person (usually bad)
"hey guys check out this HAHN! over here."
"what a HAHN!"

2. an extremely easy way to locate friends/random people who know HAHN!

3. mostly used between classes in school to acknowledge friends in your own personal way......or to bug the shit out of people you don't know. (more times than others annoying as fuck underclassman that sit in little clusterfucks in the hallway)

Origin: this was first done by the Ying Yang Twins in one of their songs and took out of context by Dave Chapelle into what it is today.
This has been spread quickly due to the Lowell/Caldonia varsity program who made quick work of this throughout mid-western michigan.
(#2) EX: you walk into a grocery store and your friends decided to meet you there, now instead of walking around looking for them let out a nice hearty HAHN!!!, your friends (or anyone in the immediate area who know you or HAHN!!) should automatically return the favor with a just as loud (or a more excited) HAHN!!!, then you will know exactly where they are.

(#3) EX: you see your friend in a group of people and you don't really want to mess with walking in there to say hi (cause sometimes people think your pretty weird) so you just let out a HAHN!, and he responds and your both on your way.
by Double D's March 31, 2008
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