Hidden Agenda Cunt

A person who regularly does things on the sly in an attempt to protect or shield their activities or actions from others. Usually applies to people who flirt with the opposite sex under the radar.
"Hey man did you see Scotty tuning Dazza's missus the other night?"

"Yeah, he was being real sly about it... that bloke is such a HAC"
by legrom October 12, 2009
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Horny as crap, use in the presence of females to not put them off
Joe: Hey how you feeling Dave?

Dave: Im doing okay, but lately since I havent been with a woman I have been HAC like a mofo.
by Aussie ballin March 9, 2010
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Hyper Active Clitoris Syndrome - A woman who can't stop playing with herself over and over with very small rest period in between due to a high sex drive or overactive (sensitive) clitoris.
She couldn't stop masturbating due to her HACS condition
by maninthebox December 15, 2014
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hughes aircraft company Marina Del Rey in california
isa going to hac get's me a hughey chopper, do a flyby watts-tower yo doggs just kickin it in LA....
by itichie_nocanpo October 29, 2006
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The HAC Rule primarily applies to Friends With Benefits (FWB's), occasional hook-ups (OHU's), and one night stands. It protects all parties involved from given consequences of the following actions:


Any party that violates the HAC Rule is subject to the potential suspension of their FWB or OHU status, or the potential for the One Night Stand to become one of the former status'.
Beth: Ok Mike...I'm really drunk, but that doesn't mean the HAC Rule isn't in effect. I have a work meeting tomorrow and can't have any marks left on me.

Mike: Of course...but does the HAC Rule really need to be in full effect?!?! Shouldn't it just be the H & C...I mean, you're not planning on showing your ass, are you??

Beth: Does that mean you want to be exclsive?

Mike: Uh...ok...HAC Rule is in effect.
by UptownTrain April 14, 2011
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To go crazy, cop a hacattude, hacsplode, engage in crazy pants like behavior
Oh man.. did you just break in her house to steal her stuff? She's going to Hac Out on you big time!
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