hungry and horny at the same time.
Man, I am sooo hungry. and Im kinda turned on. H and H.
by misscruella October 2, 2009
Actually Ancient Age, a kind of cheap bourbon whiskey sold in Iowa.
Lets grab some H and H when John comes over.
by Phartman July 10, 2004
High and horny at the same time!!
Dang,I’m high and horny right now (h & h)
by Ydounotknow December 6, 2019
A term used when somebody is Horny. And. Hopeless. normally used as a cry for help or savior a popular alternative to S.O.S
I was feeling very H. A. H..
I think I have a disease called H. A. H.!
I saw the letters H. A. H. drawn into the sand when we flew over the island!
by _Haoudin_ January 26, 2021
(Headband from Hell) Headband with large oversized flower or objects.
I can't believe that moms are buying and making their little girls wear a H from H. The flower is as large as her head! It looks stupiculous.
Listen, if you are seeing this well then you are special……. There is a message at the back of your backyard and you NEED to go find it i repeat you NEED to go find it… why are you still here? WHY ARE YOU LOOKING FOR IT….. IF YOU ARE SEEING THIS DISLIKE THIS. AND ALSO DID I MENTION YOU ARE SPECIAL….
GO LOOK NOW dream. h. h. h. h. u. h. yyyy yyy tt t tgg h yuyyyhhh hh hh h hh h h h hhhhh h h h hh h
H&H - An acronym commonly used in the LGBTQI community on dating apps like Grindr and Scruff

The first 'H' stands for horny and the second stands for high. Sometimes accompanied with mentions of 420.

(Search 420 for more information!)
420 - H&H - Looking for NSA fun, now!
by jaywks November 16, 2015