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You know Mike, he drives a Golf R. He's a Gypster.
by lactoboy January 25, 2017
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A hybrid of hipster and gypsy. The gypster dresses like a gypsy and is nomadic, frequently unemployed, may use drugs, but in reality probably has wealthy parents, owns a car, and has everything handed to them in life. This person is a hipster in most senses (crappy music taste, elitism, likes things that are obscure just because they are obscure) but dresses in gypsy fashion. The gypster's gross appearance and nature makes them appear impoverished but they likely visit their loving home and are more than willing to spend their inheritance on the latest Tegan and Sara EP.
Wow, look at those gypsters. That one on the left just sold me the Audi his pep-pep bought him.

I thought I knew that gypster from somewhere! He was in my accounting class at Harvard Business School!
by Sahh22 August 21, 2010
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A hybrid between a gypsy and a hipster. Often dressing like a homeless person, Gypsters are easily recognizable by their dumbass ideas of fashion, and their choice to roam around instead of actually living in a house like real people. They often travel in packs.
Guy 1: Do you think I should give that homeless guy some change?
Guy 2: Don't let him fool you, he's a gypster. Note the iPhone.
by Skirouled! January 23, 2013
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A hipster-gypsy hybrid common in transient urban centers.
That Bonne Prince Billy gig was a total gypster scene.
by Five-finger Bishop March 25, 2017
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A snowboarder who adorns him or herself with numerous trinkets and flare dangling from tight pants and a leather jacket, most likely also sporting long hair and a dream catcher necklace.
How you can spot a gypster:
1. His or her favorite tricks are methods and 5-0s
2. They look like they have lived in a thrift store all of their life.
3. It looks and smells like they havent showered in over a week.
Bob: Hey, you wanna go hit that jump over there?
Gypster: No let's got do methods and backflips out the end of the pipe instead.
by cailou July 15, 2008
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Egyptian Hipsters. All the dudes in Tahrir square that dress just like the kids in Williamsburg (or Bushwick since most of the people in Williamsburg now are investment bankers or frat boys). Maybe one day they'll be free to not dress like assholes.
Hey man, look at all those 'gypsters protesting. How do you say "ironic tattoo" in Arabic?
by naturalsax February 10, 2011
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A Gypster is a cross between a Gypsy and a Hipster.
The personality of a Gypster is largely based on their gender. Male Gypsters are more likely to fail in relationships whereas Female Gypsters be some thursty ass bitches who will take whatever comes their way.
Ew, what a Gypster!
by Glen Schnapps July 23, 2013
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