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1) To rip someone off

2)To Short change people

3) Completely take advantage of someone else in terms of $

4) The act of getting over on a person.
If you're gonna pay $100 for some Air Jordans, and it only costs $3 to make them in China, The retail store is obviously gyping you haha
by Merci Merc October 15, 2012
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the act of gypin cunts at gallaz after indoor soccer at morley rec, can only be done by fully sik ethnics uleh. this involves gypin stupid aussies into believin we cannot speak english.
(sitting in myers on expensive coaches bored afta indoor wif a bunch ov wogz)

man of ethnic appearance 1:fuken shit im tired from dem indoor soccaz ey chek dat chik uleh lyk hhhomg
man of ethnic appearance 2:wholy fuken shit i swear to gowwwd its lykkk love at first site.. shit uleh shes a fuken security gaurd cumin our way.. we cnt speek english aite..
hot but dum ozzi security chik:can you boys please get off the coaches if ur not going to b purchasing them
men of ethnic appearance:my muzzer tell me to cum here n buy coach fuken.
hot but dum ozzi security chik: well datz $3000
men of ethnic appearance:okay u take chek fuken?
hot but dum ozzi security chik:thats a glory ticket mait
men of ethnic appearance:no it is chek fuken shit no english fuken

by zubb February 06, 2008
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