One who is attracted to females.
This term does not imply gender or sex like other labels for sexual orientation do.

synonym to gynosexual
This is the opposite of androphile and androsexual (one who is attracted to males)
I heard they identify as gynophile because they feel uncomfortable labeling their gender.
by darkhawk7 February 6, 2009
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(Adj.) Someone who believes that any candidate with a vagina is a GREAT choice for office by mere virtue of her gender. These fools often can be heard expressing their profoundly idiotic bias by statements such as: "It's just TIME that we elect a woman President," or some other witticism, qualifying them solely due to their owning a vagina. Antonym of misogynistic.
Any libtard jagoff who will vote for Hillary Clinton despite all her unethical & criminal misbehavior is just a GYNOPHILIC idiot who is just voting for her gonads.
by Phuqit January 7, 2017
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