A witty comeback to a dark humored joke directed at someone. Also, answering to a sarcastic question with equal amount of sarcasm.
Tom: Dude, a drunk could drive better than you
Dick: Oh yeah, Tom? In that case you should drive
Harry: Tom, you got PWNed by counter-witticism
by Jason Grimes December 29, 2005
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To use a word or phrase twice in a non-consecutive, unrelated conversation, in a joking manner. Such as the use by comedians during a stand-up routine.
Comedian: Your momma is so dumb she thinks Taco Bell is a Mexican phone company.

....later in the routine.

Comedian: so, I went out with a good looking blonde MILF the other night... yea, didn't go real well... went to the movies then asked if she wanted to go to Taco Bell, she asked me why I wanted to visit the phone company.
by Colonel Flagg May 09, 2005
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