The cutest girl you will ever meet, she's attractive, funny and interesting. usually not serious until necessary. She seems innocent but she's quite the contrary. If she likes you then be prepare to be quite charmed by such a subtle seductress, She will blow your mind with what she knows
I think I met a Gwynn last night, I am lucky I met such a Gwynn
by Mr.Anonymous1234 July 4, 2012
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The most beautiful girl you will ever meat. Her smile lights up the room. She wants true love but often gets into relationships with asswholes and jerks that hurt her. She’s shy at first but once you get to know her you can’t shut the wildness off. She’s normally misjudged for a girly girl but she’s far from it. She has the most beautiful eyes great at singing and has a heart of pure gold. She judges yourself and is very insecure with her body. She’s very competitive and no doubt could beat you in a fight! She’s very strong and athletic and she never gives up on anything.
Guy:”Did you see Gwynn wipeout that dude in gym today!”

Girl:”I wish I was pretty like Gwynn.”
Guy”Dude she has the most beautiful smile ever!”
by Love queen ;) September 25, 2018
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She’s the most beautiful girl you will ever see! She’s gorgeous and has the most beautiful hazel eyes and beautiful caramel hair! She’s not very popular but everyone knows her name. She doesn’t think highly of herself but her friends think she’s a GODESS! She’s very athletic and everyone loves her!
Boy: Gwynn is so pretty!
Girl: she has the most gorgeous eyes!

Boy: 🤤
by Abc123apple November 9, 2018
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Another name for Steve, Stephen, and Bilemo
Nice job Gwynn!
by Crab Cake 3 November 23, 2017
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A person who betrays her friends and isn't loyal at all. She can be kind with close people. She is good at faking personalities and if you treat her well she will repay you with twice your acts.
Piper: Ayy!! Are you Gwynn?
Gwynn: Ur dumb
by 101928272626 February 28, 2020
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Gwynne is a kind and caring person. She hasn’t gone through a lot but stays strong til the end. She will stand up for you but will also put you into place when you need it. She is very smart. Much smarter than most people. Gwynne is also very humble, even though she is beautiful, she thinks she is not. Overall, Gwynne is just a good person who wants to be there for you.
“Hey did you see Gwynne the other day?”
Yeah, she’s such a nice person!”
by Funnyperson66 April 4, 2018
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In Celtic mythology, Gwyn or Gwynn ap Nudd was the ruler of Annwn (the underworld). He escorted the souls of the dead there, and led a pack of supernatural hounds, cwn annwn.

In the early Arthurian story Culhwch and Olwen, he abducted a maiden called Creddylad after she eloped with Gwythr ap Greidawl, Gwyn’s long-time rival. Gwyn and Gwythr’s fight, which began on May Day, represented the contest between summer and winter. He helped Culhwch hunt the boar Twrch Trwyth. In later legends Gwyn is king of the tylwyth teg
by Graham Gwynne December 8, 2007
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