A cool nice girl who shouldnt be messed with or there will be death
Dont u call me names im gonna call my gwyn
by Llewelyn smith August 8, 2016
You can parry his sword, but you can't parry his feels.
"How was the basket ball game last night?"
"We won, but the enemy team was Gwyn."
"That's... Depressing. I am truly sorry your game didn't go as expected."
by MilitiaZero November 11, 2018
A very nice person who loves to laugh with her friends. She is very smart and usually skinny. Everyone adores her and wants to be her friend. They are also naturally good at sports although a little shy.
Person- Oh hey Gwyn!
Gwyn- Hey!
by SecretPerson :) September 19, 2018
Sexiest person you might meet, great in bed, but can be shy, is a dirty minded person who's always up for a snack.
Gwyn smashes me so hard every night
by Lexious25 July 8, 2018
a person who cant find an adjective.
"Man I am totally Gwyning right now!"
by You know Who Bro September 14, 2009
The act of taking something too far, be it a joke or an argument.
Teacher: You have a detention!
Man 1: But why? I did nothing!
Man 1: I don't see why I am in trouble here!
Man 2: Seriously, just let it go. You're gwynning it.
by Irismo May 20, 2013