A GWEEDI is a collective noun of one or more Gweedy's.
There are many sub-species of the Gweedi such as;
Gweedess - a Female Gweedi
Gwaggot - a gender-confused Gweedi

A Gwotty is the location of where a Gweedi does his business, normally a small bowl similar to a potty that was found by an active Gweedi.

The collective noun of Gweedi is called a herd of Gweedi (or simply a GWERD).

The study of a Gweedi is called Gweediology.

Be warned though, studying Gweediology can be a dangerous past-time as most Gweedi's are hostile to others.

A Gweedi's head has the ability to grow and shrink at will so any person should stay away from the vicinity of it's head.

There are lots of Gweedi's found around the Townsville region of North Ward.
by Gweediology Student August 09, 2006
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Gweedi's are also known to make fun of other people with large body parts. eg calves, thighs etc. However, this is ironic as Gweedi's themselves have rather large heads.

Most Gweedi tend to have stupidly skinny legs. This, coupled with the oversized craniums, makes the gweedi look like an upside-down pyramid. I.e. the higher you go, the fatter you get.
A Gweedi also looks like a fat-headed chicken. I.e. chicken legs.
by Gweediology Student August 12, 2006
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