black guy stuff - anything and everything pretaining to actions of the black man.
bob: hey what you been up to?

chris: black guy stuff.
by reggie desdunes July 31, 2008
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Also Known As CGS. Cool guy stuff is a term used to talk about smoking marijuana. Usually used around relatives, girlfriends, or people you don't want to let know you smoke.
Gerrard want to do some cool guy stuff when we get out of class. Yeah dude definitly I'll go buy some, and we will go on a ride then to McDonalds.
by Short Gordon November 07, 2007
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the perfect excuse to leave an akward situation
white guy: That was a great time last night.
white guy's girlfriend: I think I'm pregnet.
white guy: I gotta go do white guy stuff.
by SuperPimp May 23, 2008
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The act of smoking marijauna. An alterate way of reffering to smoking marijauna.
Yo Gordon you want to do cool guy stuff later?

Ya dude Im always down for cool guy stuff.
by Gerard Anthony LoSardo II November 02, 2007
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A stuff guy is a guy who seems to be good at everything he does. No matter what activity or pastime this guy tries, he always seems to excel at it. He is simply a guy who's good at stuff.
Guy 1: Can you believe that Kevin is good at basketball too?
Guy 2: Of course. Kevin's a stuff guy.
by TheraconJS May 27, 2013
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He's that one guy that you know, and that everyone else knows, but you don't know his name. You do know that he's that guy, not the other guy, but that one guy, you know, the one with the stuff in the thing. He also has some hair and that one thing where he goes places a lot of the time sometimes.
Tyler: Do you have the notes?
Zane: No, that one guy does.
Tyler: Which guy?
Zane: You know, that one guy with the stuff, and he has that thing with the stuff in it, not the other guy, the one who has that thing where he goes places. Do you know who I'm talking about?
Tyler: Yeah, you mean that one guy with the thing where he has hair and stuff right? I know who it is, thanks.
by TORONTO65 March 29, 2010
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