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A gutter punk is a member of the subculture of punk, who lives primarily on the streets, and who sleeps in alleyways, bushes, parks, on roof tops, and in friends' homes. They are typically characterized by wearing the same clothing day in and day out, along with a general "fuck it" attitude, an odor all of their own, unshaven faces, unkept hair, and a fondness for beer. Gutter punks and street punks are closely related, and can often be confused, with the primary differentiating factor being that street punks are able to take showers, if so desired.
Gutter Punk Jason: "Yeah, I passed out in the bushes outside of the liquor store. I was there for about two hours."
Chris: "That's 110%, my brother."
Gutter Punk Jason: "110%!"
by PHLP December 21, 2005
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A homeless hardcore alcoholic/drug addicted crusty young street punk who is proud of his totally non excistant personal hygiene, always unwashed in the same filthy clothes. Known to have 'crab races' with their body lice as an entertainment amongst them. panhandling, prostituting or drugdealing (stealing) for money, sometimes living in filthy derelict buildings or squats and with few possessions
That city is riddled with gutterpunks
by Dirty Danny September 03, 2005
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A "nomadic" variant of punk, usually in the form of walking

They can take several weeks even months to reach a certain destination, most stay in a city/town for a max of 4 days for recuperation. They tend to be positive about outdoor living and commonly (but not limited to) sleep in the bush, squats, 'out of sight' street corners, barnhouses and makeshift shacks. They are less likely to become trapt in substance abuse than their hitch hiker/non-transient counterparts and often have some knowledge on wilderness survival. Common gear can range from tents to bivouac sacks usually accompanied by a crowbar and a sleeping bag, some have been known to carry axes, wire cutters, combat knives and even screw drivers. There are also rare cases where they would carry shovels, cooking gear, nails and hammers. Scavenging is common among these types, some are known to collect empties and scrap metal as a form of income. Often they are more physically fit than hitch hikers/non-transients and tend to have a fondness for healthy eating. Some are limited to a specific route while others go on a country wide tour.
You know he/she is a real gutter punk when they do nothing but talk about their cross country adventures.
by Assrickin December 02, 2010
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dirty stinky punk who lives on the street and drinks alot.

uh sometimes thier like so apauled my society that they just dont want to be a part of it. So sleeping out side, waring the same thing for months and showering once every few years doesn't bother them b/c thier not superficial blah blah blah all that punk mindset stuff.
ok so this gutter punk is setting at a bar and this gay guy comes up and starts buying him drinks. and after a while he's like "hey can I get a blow job?" and the punk beats the crap out of him. so bar tender was like "why did you do that" and the gutter punk was like

"he said something about getting a job"
by Shwilly June 30, 2006
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Punk that is poor and is living mostly off garbage and anything else he can do to servive. Reason for the really trash clothes and most tears on his pants. Turned into a fashion in the late 80's... those that used it for fasion are refered to as a poser
no example i could think of
by skaterpunk1007 July 12, 2004
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When punk kids decide to be hippies.
A lot of no-chemical ideals (no deodorant), often dreadlocks, and they're the ones bumming change so they can go to the show.
Pretty much the mortal enemies of street punks, because the smelly bastards give punk a bad name.
*See hippies in dirty faded punk clothes on the street corner with dredlocks and an obvious hygene problem, that's a gutter punk.*
by HerRebelHeart March 12, 2008
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