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A gutter punk is a member of the subculture of punk, who lives primarily on the streets, and who sleeps in alleyways, bushes, parks, on roof tops, and in friends' homes. They are typically characterized by wearing the same clothing day in and day out, along with a general "fuck it" attitude, an odor all of their own, unshaven faces, unkept hair, and a fondness for beer. Gutter punks and street punks are closely related, and can often be confused, with the primary differentiating factor being that street punks are able to take showers, if so desired.
Gutter Punk Jason: "Yeah, I passed out in the bushes outside of the liquor store. I was there for about two hours."
Chris: "That's 110%, my brother."
Gutter Punk Jason: "110%!"
by PHLP December 21, 2005

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