The greatest villain in TV history.
Don't mess with Gus Fring. If you diss him, he'll cut your throat open with a box cutter.
by ergvsag October 27, 2011
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To secretly initiate an event that harms a group of which the culprit is a member, diverting suspicion away from the culprit on the basis that they ‘appear’ to be an affected party.
Gus Fring (verb)

Gus Fring took out the entire cartel by poisoning a bottle of Zafiro Añejo, taking a drink of it himself to convince them it was safe, and regurgitating it later to save his life. The cartel got ‘Gus Fring’d.

“You don’t honestly believe that China bioengineered Covid-19, released it on themselves and premeditated strict lockdown response measures just to slingshot themselves economically, do you?”

“Yea man - we totally got Gus Fring’d”
by 46790438983489 January 20, 2021
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When you give your chosen partner a particularly forceful facial, one which feels like it blasts their face off.

Taken from the episode of Breaking Bad in which Gus Fring gets his face half blown off by a pipe bomb.

Not to be confused with Superman a ho.

"Fring a Ho" for shorthand.
"Gus Fring a Ho so hard she loses half her face and her eye socket shows and everything."
by A Bloo Bloo Bloo May 23, 2012
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