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This one time I saw zafiro wearing shorts, and her ass was sagging in them so bad.

I've never seen anybody with a flatter ass than her

Her nickname is Ms. No booty

She hates herself so much that she has to take it out on others
by Pancake ass November 16, 2017
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A girl who has the flatest ass in the universe
Zafiro's ass is flatter than a dented wall
Her ass is so flat, she can't even fill out any of her pants

Her ass sags in all of her pants
Why is her ass so flat? Was it run over by a train? Or did her parents drop her on her ass as a baby?
by Maci55565 June 26, 2017
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A girl who has the flattest ass in the world. The only Latina on this planet with a pancake ass
Zafiro, just because you're insecure and ashamed about your flat ass doesn't give you the right to be rude to people.

Go tell your ugly ass boyfriend to get you some butt padding, because clearly you need it

Why don't you post a picture of your ass so we could all have something to laugh about

She can only get with ugly guys because nobody else wants to be with her flat ass. And even an average looking guy is out of her league.

I don't know what's worse, her flat ass or beer belly
by Pancake ass October 20, 2017
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A girl who has the flattest as on this planet
Zafiro's ass is a continuation of her back

Her nickname in high school was pancake ass

Zafiro, I don't care how many squats you do or how many times you pray... You'll never be able to get rid of your disgusting pancake ass. So go ahead and keep dreaming about the ass that you're never gonna have.

I heard zafiro sucked some guys dick because he promised to get her some but padding

She does 500 squats a day, and her ass is still flatter than fuck

Her stomach sticks out further than her ass
by Pancake ass February 26, 2018
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Zafiro's ass is the most tragic and disgusting thing I've ever seen in my life.

Zafiro's stomach sticks out further than her ass

Zafiro had the worst case of flat ass syndrome I've ever seen

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the flattest of them all? Zafiro the flat ass bitch

She always looks like she's 8 months pregnant
by Maci55565 June 29, 2017
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A girl who has the flattest ass known to mankind
Zafiro could make it into the book of world records for having the flattest ass on this planet

Zafiro couldn’t be a hoe even if she tried because nobody wants her flat ass

Brian: I could date an ugly girl or a flat chested girl, but I couldn’t date someone like zafiro with a flat ass

How could any guy get their dick hard after seeing her disgusting fucking pancake ass?

Her ex boyfriend cheated on her all the time because he was so disgusted by her flat ass. He said that without any pants on her ass looks like a deflated balloon and that he’d much rather fuck anyone else but her. He always cheated on her with girls that had much bigger butts

Anytime she’s brought into a conversation people are like “oh you mean that girl with the flat ass”? People know her more by her flat ass than by her actual name

Now I know why her ass is so flat, because all the weight that she gain goes to her belly. She got her belly hanging over her pants. Her belly gets bigger by the day. Even when she was skinny, she still had a huge gut. Her gaining all that weight is karma for how poorly she’s treated people.

How is she fat but she has a flat ass still?

Whenever she walks past a group of guys and they try to check out the ass that she ain’t got.....hahaha

Whenever a guy asks for a booty pic....hahaha

Even skinny white girls got more ass than her

Even leggings are baggy on her flat ass.

Zafiro, go put on a poncho because nobody wants to see your disgusting pancake ass
by Pancake ass November 19, 2018
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A girl who has them flattest ass in the universe
No guy likes that flat ass

Zafiro, why don’t you have an ass like the rest of these Latina’s? Because they all seem to have big butts but you.

She looks just like her ugly, flat ass mom.

Even shorts and leggings are baggy on her flat ass. She needs to start dressing for her body and that’s a poncho

Zafiro doesn’t look good in anything that she wears because her body is so fucked up.

Her belly is bigger than her ass.

She needs to quit showing off her ugly ass boyfriend like he’s some kind of prize. He looks like Freddy Kruger and she looks like a pot belly pig. I don’t know who’s fatter, her or her boyfriend. They’re both fat and ugly as fuck.

She’s so insecure about her body she can’t even fuck her boyfriend

She must not be getting any attention from her man if she’s on social media trying to show off her saggy grandma tits

Zafiro, go post a picture of your ass so we could all have something to laugh at

Anybody is better than that flat ass, disgusting ass, pancake ass, deformed ass, pot belly bitch

She’s jealous of anybody with a bigger ass than her, which is 99.9 percent of the population

I truly hope somebody knocks her on her boney ass
by Pancake ass November 21, 2018
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